About Us

Our aim is to provide complementary therapies to adults and children with cancer and other long term health conditions. 

Complementary therapies can help to control and alleviate symptoms, such as nausea, pain and anxiety helping to improve quality of life. 

Complementary therapies are a safe and beneficial form of treatment to aid relaxation, release tension and help anxiety and feelings of fear and loneliness.

Complementary therapies are safe to use at any stage of the cancer journey even during chemotherapy or radiotherapy. 

Long term health conditions that will benefit from complementary therapy;

Multiple sclerosis

Chronic pain

All forms of arthritis

Renal/kidney problems

Cardiac/heart problems


Elaine Caswell


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Treatments Available

Swedish body massage

The manipulation of the muscles and soft tissues of the body to ease tension and aid relaxation.

Indian head massage

A relaxing massage of the shoulders, neck, face and scalp.


A massage of the body using fragrant oils to help alleviate pain, stress and minor ailments.


A specialised foot massage that works on the reflex points in the feet, encouraging relaxation, well-being and helping to enhance the body’s own natural healing abilities.


This is the Japanese art of energy balancing and healing. The hands are placed on specific areas of the body to encourage the balance of energy within the client to promote well-being   

Holistic facial

A relaxing and cleansing facial treatment with a pressure point face, neck and shoulder massage.